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Sciatica Surgery

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In this condition pain goes down the leg & sometimes associated with tingling, numbness.

Treatment Option

  • Medicine , Physiotherapy, Rest can be suggested for 6-8 weeks.
  • If no benefit then following minimal Invasive Interventions are of choice. Any Intervention which will work best,can be decided after seeing patient & MRI together only.

A. Transforaminal Neuroplasty :

In patient having slight disc prolapse this procedure is carried out in Operation Theatre with help of Live X-ray machine & after anaesthetizing skin only. Special Needle & medication is placed along the painful nerve or disc to reduce swelling & inflammation around nerve. It is day care procedure & can be done at any age.

B. Caudal Neuroplasty :

In patients having bilateral leg pain , tingling , numbness on walking / standing due to multi level disc prolapse, this procedure is performed. Here the tuohy needle is placed in Caudal Epidural space & the drug is delivered in continuous visualization of live X-ray machine. These reduces swelling , adhesion around nerves

C. Ozone Nucelolysis :

In patients having disc herniation( extruded ) special needle is placed inside the affected disc. Ozone gas is prepared from Germany based ozone generator & inserted through needle inside the disc. Ozone causes shrinkage of disc & reduces inflammation around nerve. This again does not require prolonged hospitalization & done without any incision or surgery

D. Endoscopic Discectomy :

In patients with one sided disc herniation small needle is placed inside the disc & with the help of needle, Endoscope is placed inside the affected disc . Seeing through endoscope bulged portion of disc is removed , this way the disc gets back the normal position. This is a key hole & advance procedure. Patients can go home on same day or next day.

Advantage of Endoscopic Discectomy over Conventional Spine Surgery

  • Short Hospital stay
  • No blood loss with use of RF Generator
  • Rapid Recovery & early mobilization
  • No stitches
  • No Anaesthesia related risk as it is done under local anaesthesia
  • Less post operative pain
  • Less risky & expansive then spine surgery as patient is fully conscious here


  • Walking, standing increases pain & relieved with rest
  • Associated with Tingling ( ant crawling sensation ),numbness in legs
  • Pain going from back to leg
  • Sensation loss along foot / leg
  • Upstairs, Downstairs increases Pain
  • Current like pain along leg & thigh


  • Forward Bending , Weight Lifting
  • Trauma , Infection
  • Degenerative spine disease
  • Disc Prolpase or Disc Herniation

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