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Neck Pain

One of the reason for headache & commonly seen in elderly patient

Treatment Option

  • Medicine trials for 2-6 weeks (if not taken)
  • Guarded exercise or physiotherapy within limit of pain
  • Alternate heat / cold application
  • If no benefit with above 2 method than interventions are as follows

A. Cervical Facet Joint / Median Branch Neurolysis :

This procedure is performed under live X-ray guidance when patient is fully conscious . The area from where the pain coming is identified & with high accuracy special needles are placed to deliver anti inflammatory medicine to give immediate nearly 50 % relief & relaxation .It is Day care procedure done under local anaesthesia only.

B. Occipital nerve block :

This is mainly performed to relieve headache in posterior part of neck . It is also a OPD base procedure & done under Local anaesthesia only

C. Radiofrequency procedures :

If patients are having continuous pain even after treatment , Radiofrequency procedures are done for long term benefit. In this treatment high frequency current is passed through the needle tip which ablate the pain signals from nerves without any effect on other nerve function. It is again done under local anaesthesia with the help of live X-ray machine.

D. Cervical Epidural Steroid :

This procedure is useful for relieving pain coming from lower Facet Joint in neck area . It is also useful for patients having slipped disc & nerve pain going to arm ,hand.


  • Prolonged use of computers or smart phones
  • Whiplash injury (car thrust)
  • Over head weight lifting
  • H/O Trauma
  • As a part of Inflammatory Spondylo Arthropathy
  • Advancing age


  • Painful neck movement
  • Headache on back side of head
  • Morning stiffness present
  • Some times more night pain
  • Pain goes upto upper back & upper arm


  • X-ray
  • MRI Spine
  • MRI Brain SOS
  • Blood reports

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