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Dr. Vinod Gautam

Percutaneous Discectomy

This is the procedure as an alternative to the surgical operation for the slipped disc. This procedure can be combined with the Ozone therapy to get maximum benefit without operation. This procedure is also called percutaneous disc decompression or nucleoplasty and is usually done on a contained prolapsed intervertebral disc where the outer portion of the disc is not broken.

How does it cause pain relief?

The prolapse of the disc is as a result of the increase of the interior disc pressure. This causes disc to bulge or slip press the near nerve root. A malformed disc itself will cause back pain. during this procedure the a part of the inner material of the disc (nucleus pulposes) is taken out while not operation. This causes reduction of the interior pressure of the disc and causes the disc to regress.

How is it done?

A device known as Disc Dekompressor is introduced into the prolapsed disc under local anaesthesia and switch made ‘on’.

What is Dekompressor?

It is associate outer and inner needle solely. First, the outer needle is passed into the disc then inner needle is skilled the outer needle. The inner needle has A battery affiliation and because the switch is created on, the inner needle rotates within and therefore the disc material comes out through the house in between the 2 needles.

What are the advantages of it over surgical procedures?

  • It is done as a day care procedure.
  • There is no need of general anaesthetic.
  • There is no need of admission in hospital.
  • It can be done in a relatively unfit patient, and also in old age.
  • Complications are almost nil.

In the long run there are no adhesions like surgery, so doing the procedure again in future is easy compared to surgery.

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