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When back pain occurs, many people believe that it will resolve over time. They turn to anti-inflammatory and sometimes pain medications, hoping that it will “just go away”. But this has rarely happened.

At the Spine and Orthopedic Center, we have seen people come to us in unbearable pain. Dr. Vinod Gautam is an experienced spine doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They avoid seeing a spine specialist like the reasons described above. When the pain becomes chronic and unbearable, they often surprise. There are 4 indications for consulting a spine specialist you want to know about. We also want to know that there are no drugs to solve the problem. Masking pain can make it worse, in the long run, can damage the lining of your liver and stomach and may even be addictive.

We hope you will read what happens with an open mind and call on us, should you perform 4 signs to consult a spine surgeon in Ahmedabad.

1. Pain in loops.

When the pain that is localized in the back starts affecting your extremities, especially when it radiates downward from the extremities, an underlying deformity is at work.

Your body is telling you (through your veins) that something is wrong. Pain in the posterior part of the feet indicates the implications of sciatic nerve. Sometimes this pain highly attention to a consult a spine specialist in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

2. Physiotherapy has not done the trick.

If you are going to a physical therapist and have not seen a permanent solution to your back pain, then it is probably time to consult a spine specialist. The job of a physiotherapist is to help strengthen core muscle groups such as the core and gluteus muscles, so that the weight of your spine can be removed.

While physical therapy is helpful to many people, if you do not respond to the body the way you hoped, you need to take the next step and diagnose the root cause of your pain.

3. Reducing pain.

An injury to the body presents as acute pain, which is reduced by treatment, stretching, or non-invasive treatments (above). But when your body does not recover and the pain continues to haunt you for weeks, or months, you have been overcome by chronic pain that calls for clinical evaluation.

4. Loss of quality of life.

Here is where the rubber actually meets the road – when the pain stops you from enjoying the activities you once enjoyed. When you are unable to do simple daily activities, such as climbing stairs or entering your vehicle, you have reached a point where you need professional support.

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